Cultural Club

Personality is the sum total of physical, intellectual, emotional, and social traits of individual and is the organization of all the cognitive, affective cognitive, and physical characteristics of an individual. Students receive exposure to a wide spectrum of activities which form the foundation of socially useful productive work and community service. Not only these activities encourage students for self-learning, by doing things in group activity, but these activities are so organized as to provide preliminary training in some of the vocations which they are likely to specialize at the higher educational stages.

While the primary section gives innovative/creative activities for children like painting, toys, games of intelligence, calligraphy, poem recitation, fancy dress competition the children of secondary school section do in group work. hobbies like painting, Batik Work, Sculpture, Pottery, Photography, Instrumental and Vocal Music etc.

Full opportunities for cultural satisfaction with provision for dance, drama, music and debates are provided with expert professional guidance. The school has got curriculum for India/ Modern musical recitals, English plays, mono-acting, debates and march past on Independence day/Republic day, as well as daily routine march past.

Education about the various theories, laws, history, literature etc. are not enough for the development of mind & soul of a student. The knowledge of our culture, custom & traditions can help us for such development of mind& soul of students. The knowledge of our culture, custom & traditions can help us for such development to a large extent & for the same; we have a cultural club in our school. This club organizes various competitions, cultural programs & inter-house co-scholastic activities. The club organizes functions on different occasions like Republic day, Independence day, Lohri, Teacher’s day, Janmashtmi, Dussehra, Diwali etc. many times “Path of Sri Sukhmani Sahib” is also placed in the institution. Various competitions like folk dance, Patriotic song & Dance competitions are organized to give students to develop a competitive attitude in them. Debate & Writing competitions help the students to make improvements in their knowledge about their language, society, the day today happenings in the area of politics & other activities all around the world.

To improve the functioning of such programmes & activities, the club has its own management with a President. Vice President &a few others who always try to give their best for the betterment of the programmes. The school had its Annual Function ‘BRISKERS’ and Annual Fete ‘SUKHMANI FIESTA’ in which our cultural club successfully reflects the all-round skills of students & the quality of co-scholastic lessons given by the school.

Students are also given the opportunity to show their talent at different competitions held in the region. Many students have won innumerable awards and medals. The quiz based competitions about General Knowledge & Science are also held in the school which go a long way in moulding the personality to the students and making them smarter enough to face the challenges of everyday life.