• ATL Lab ( Atal Tinkering Lab)
  • Registered for British Council International School Award
  • Activity and Theme based learning with digital technology.
  • Modern Infrastructure Facilities.
  • State of the Art, Science & Computer labs with latest equipments.
  • Spacious & Temperature controlled classrooms.
  • CCTV Surveillance in school .
  • Provision of proper Pupil-Teacher Ratio.
  • SMS Updates for attendance, Notices, Home Work and
  • Day to Day Activities.
  • Transport Facility with GPS & Cameras in School Vans.
  • Medical/Non-Medical/Commerce/Humanities Streams for XI & XII classes.
  • Best Academics Result in the area.

Classroom The classrooms are vibrant and spacious and airy which adds a glorious dimension to learning. Educomp provides a conducive environment for ample interaction, dialogue and discourse in the classroom which makes learning multi dimensional, engrossing and illustrative.

Trained faculty and enthusiastic students daily sojourn to new plateaus of learning and sharing of knowledge. The spirit of enquiry is encouraged and concepts are clarified in the initial stages so as to build a strong foundation with a global outlook and a world vision.

Science Laboratory The school has three spacious well equipped laboratories for the Life Science, Physics & Chemistry. The students perform their practical and gain first hand experience and information of the basic principals in these disciplines.

The labs provides the students with a fully interactive & engaging set of experience that helps them in investigating, applying & conceptualizing the keys concept they learn in their science classes. A subject has two faces theory & perfectly, the theory & practical. To understand a subject more easily & perfectly, the theoretical means is not sufficient. The 3-D structure, figures can be taught more effectively through an LCD screen which is kept in our science lab. By means of which geometrical concepts, 3-D arrangements & theorems are taught more successfully.  Science is a bunch of information. It is something you do in a lab, like mixing together different chemicals & heating them up to see what happens. Good science lab creates a “Scientifically literate populace”- a society in which everyone is able to explore ideas, test them out, measure & evaluate results in a clear-minded way. All this makes this vital subject simpler, easier & fun to learn.

Mathematics Laboratory The school has vibrant & spacious math’s lab.  The Mathematics Lab is equipped with necessary kits and tools to foster love for Maths and to develop analytical & logical thinking where in the experienced faculty explains the mathematical concepts with the help of latest teaching aids. The Maths lab has centers where students work in groups of two or four using hands on approach, active learning strategies & fun interactive activities, they explore & learn meaningful mathematics in a highly stimulating & motivating environment The integration of technology into the curriculum is an on going process.

Computer Laboratory Sri Sukhmani has always remained a tune with the changing technology. Computer form an integral part of our leaning system. It is often said that “ Computer will rule the world”. The school has the well equipped computer laboratory with most modern hardware and software. Due emphasis is given to multimedia presentation and Computer Aided Learning. To enhance E- Learning, a high speed internet connection through gateway has been provided. Students from class I to XI are given computer education in this lab as per CBSE recommended new syllabus under the expert guidance of qualified teachers and instructor.

School has two well maintained computer lab where there are 50 computers upgraded with latest software. Students are given knowledge about computer in every field of life. Computer education is necessary.

Computer is a means of communication. Theory is not sufficient to understand it. Practical is also very necessary to understand it more clearly.

Smart Class Room/Multimedia Room Multimedia/Smart Class: Smart Class provides instructor led education solutions for students and has developed India’s largest content library. The well equipped five LCD screens is provided in our smart class for different wings by means of which every subject is taught very effectively. Students enjoy the onscreen experience also understand the topics more easily related to a particular subject by watching them. Multimedia provides online and offline tutoring and education portals for children to get access to

Content. The flourlishingenvitonment of class creat enthusiasm in students mind to learn more and more things in the appropreatly termed smartclass in collaboration with Educomp. Students from Pre-Nur to XI are enjoying learning and gaining insight into the basics and depth of each subject while learning at the smart class.

Library Sri Sukhmani has a well-furnished and well stocked library with a large number if latest book, magazines including encyclopied with rich reference material. A library is considered to be atreasure house of knowledge for students through various Nagazines, Periodicals, Newsoaoerabd /book to keep students in touch with latest developments in the world. Emphasis is laid on the fact that students spend their spare time in the library.

Books are our best friends; one can never feel alone in the company of books.

After entering in the library, with the company of book & silence, on can feel relief and relax. It is the source as well as store house of knowledge. One can find the books on different subjects, magaxines and novels in a large no. We have children books which not only educate them & enlighten their path for their future but also entertain them. Books remove all the darkness from our mind and soul. Though, today’s world is dependent on television & internet to gain information but they can never take the place of books.

ART & CRAFT Studies are very important in student’s life but besides studies some extracurricular activities are also necessary for the proper development of students.

One of these activities is the Art & Craft. Art & Craft is a creative skill which depends upon the learning & creativity of an individual with a lot of attention. It leads the students to explore new paths in fantasy & architects. It enhances the thinking of a student. Our school motivates the students by organizing various competitions and every year entries are sent from our school for “Lalit Kala Competition”. National Painting Competitions, Drawing and Painting Competitions organized by BEE, Charu Castle Foundation and many other competitions, as a stage to explore their talent.

Activity Hall he school has an aesthetically done up Creativity room for the multi-sensory development of the pre-primary group. Equipped with wing, this favorite haunt of the tiny-tots provides wonderful learning experiences. The fascinating story telling corner transports the transports the learners to the world of fairies.

Infirmary A well equipped infirmary, complete with  qualified medical practitioners provided by Sukhmani Group ensures that there is medical aid available ( if required) at all times

Cafeteria The school has its own Cafeteria .Nutritious and hygienic menu is served hot to the students.

TransportThe school has its own fleet of buses which is supervised by a transport manager. The transportation network extends in Derabassi and surrounding areas and provides a safe, dependable and affordable means of traveling for the children.