Fee Structure

School Fee

The School fee must be paid on or before 10th of each month in cash/draft or on the next working day, if 10th is a holiday. The receipt should be kept in safe custody and when demanded should be produced. A fine of Rs. 5/ per day shall be charged for late payment of fee upto 15th of the month.

A fine of Rs. 10/- per day shall be charged after 15th of month upto 30th.

The name will be struck off after 30th of the month and readmission fee will be charged. Re-admission will be at the discretion of the Principal.
Fee for the months of February and March is to be paid in February. Fee for the months of May and June is to be paid in May. A fee concession of 50% tuition fee will be allowed to one sibling of the pupil studying in the Junior class.


The fee and subscription paid and recorded in the books of the school will in no case be refunded irrespective of whether a student joins or does not join after securing admission. Only the security deposit shall be refunded.


Security deposit shall be refunded on completion of the session. The original receipt should be kept in the safe custody by the students/parents. Refund can be claimed only during the month of April for the academic session completing previous March, after charging all the dues of the student.


The school has its own fleet of buses for transportation of day boarders for various pick-up points around Dera Bassi.
Transport charges are to be paid in advance every month.
1. The students have to pay for full month whether they use school transport full month or part thereof.
2. There is no facility for One-Way-Travel.

3. The students will be picked up from and dropped at fixed stops. No guarantee is given about picking up the students from their door steps.
4. Bus facility once started will not be discontinued during the session.