SRI SUKHMANI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is committed to provide the most joyful, creative, exploratory and vibrant school experience and environment for its learners.

The staff of the school is continuously following “NO HOMEWORK POLICY”.


Students experience activity packed three hours class with fun and creativity.

For class 1 to 3, students get homework for 10 minutes only alternatively.

For class 4 to 8, Homework is assigned for only two subjects per day alternatively.

For class 9 to 12, Homework is assigned for only three subjects per day alternatively.

Homework assignments are tailored to the needs of the students. Children have more room to create and explore in their own. It includes joyful tasks such as collection of samples and materials, observations, surveys etc, which give hand-on learning experience to children.

Not more than 1 class test is conducted in a single day.

To reduce the load of school bag, we have provided book lockers to each student for class P.Nur to II.

For class III onwards book load is prepared and given to parents with a request to send only books mentioned in the book load for different days.