Circular 06/2020-21                                                               Dated April 22, 2020         


Earth day is the leading and celebrated environmental event at international platform. Earth day is celebrated all over the world on 22nd April every year. This day was established for awareness of the environment and its safety. Earth day was founded in 1970 by a person senator Gaylord Nelson. His aim was to promote the thoughts of ecology, reverence for existence on earth, and highlighting growing concern over pollution of the soil, air and water. We can earn money through our hard work, but neither we can make natural things nor increase it. All these things given by nature are limited. So on Earth day people are made aware of the environment. On this day people are cleaning their house around and by the side of the road. Many people plant the plants on this day. This year, the Earth day would celebrate its 47th anniversary. It reminds us of our duty towards other living beings on earth and to prosper as interdependent system.


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