Circular 07/2020-21                                                                         Dated  May 08,2020

Dear students,

To show your love and respect  for mother on mothers day please shoot a video or capture some clicks ( photography) on any of the given activity

1.Make a dinner recipe with or without mom.

2.Family photoshoot

3.Head to yoga with mom

4.Head to housekeeping /home decore

4.Start a garden of your own with mother

5.Throw a party for your mother/grandmother.

6.Try an at-home painting classes with mother.

7.Conduct a mother’s day interview

8.Appreciate hidden talent of your mother as woman( dancing steps, singing,)

9.Recite a poem/song capturing your love for mom

10. Gratitude Card to mother

Post your videos or photos on Sunday by 12 noon in your respective class groups 


Co curricular incharge

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