House System

All the students are divided into four houses:  

   Aravali                  Himalaya              Shivalik            Vindhya

This has been done to inculcate in them a spirit of belongingness and also competitive spirit. Each House is looked after by a House Master, who in turn is assisted by an Asstt. House Master, other-members and House Perfects. The latter develop qualities of leadership, leading other students of the house. The house system operates to cultivate the right sense of loyalties among students, to give the taste of organizing themselves and working together as members of the same family. An annual Investiture ceremony is held to nominate and select the school Head Boy, Head Girl, House Captains, Prefects, etc. They shoulder various responsibilities throughout the day and during events helping, conducting, organizing, maintaining and discipline, etc. and this helps them to groom their own personality by preparing themselves for the outer world in the time to come.

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