This emerging school of excellence was established in 1989 by the ShivalikShiksha Society. This society had been founded by like minded educationists, Philanthropists and Public Spirited Persons, dedicated to the task of bringing about socio-economic transformers in keeping with the national and international priorities. It was registered as a ‘Charitable Institution’ under the Societies Registration Act of 1860.

The objective of the society has been to provide, excellent citizens and skilled manpower to support the vast-development programmes being implemented in India and world-over. In turn it enjoined the society to establish very good Educational Institutions, Promote and Propagate Vocational and Technical Educational Programmes to provide right kind of professional and skilled personnel needed.

The under mentioned Institutions of the group are to attract students from various parts of the country:

Sahara SSIS

    New Delhi College of Commerce, New Delhi
  • International Polytechnic for Women (IPW), New Delhi & Chandigarh
  • Sri Sukhmani Institute of Engineering & Technology, DeraBassi
  • Sri Sukhmani Research & Development Centre, DeraBassi
  • Swaran International School, New Delhi
  • Sri Sukhmani Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, DeraBassi
  • Sri Sukhmani College of Nursing, DeraBassi
  • Sri Sukhmani Polytechnic, DeraBassi
  • Authorized PTU Study Center, Sector 35-C, Chandigarh
  • Sri Sukhmani International School, DeraBassi
  • Sri Sukhmani Dental College, DeraBassi
  • Sri Sukhmani Institute of Hospitality Management & Fashion Technology

Sri Sukhmani International School is a unique school which offers clean, happy and safe atmosphere together with benefits of modern facilities and educational technology within a traditional Indian culture and moral framework. The school has all which requires to transform a child into ‘A Model of Excellence’.

I feel happy to observe that the School has grown from a very humble beginning to a prestigious and premier institution and won a place among the educational institutions in Chandigarh and DeraBaasi. It is gratifying to learn that the value based and secular education imparted in the school is showing remarkable academic results & excellence in co-curricular and extramural activities.

The students of our school get preference for admission in the Engineering and other Colleges run by this society. The aim of the Society is that a child taking admission in our school should come out as a professional with a well secured career.

At the end, I assure the pupils and their parents that no effort shall be spared to make the stay at this school a memorable part of life. At Sri Sukhmani , we treat every student as an individual by giving him a solid lasting foundation in the fundamentals of academic. Every effort is made to instill in the children the independence of thought and action, initiative and self-confidence bearing in mind that ‘A child’s brain is a fire to be ignited not a pot to be filled’.

       From the Director Desk

Welcome to Sri Sukhamni International School, another activity filled session is waiting for you at school where we will endeavour to cultivate you the right moral value, ethics and qualities need not merely to survive in the fast changing world but to actively participate and have a say in the reshaping of the world.

The school is affiliated to the C.B.S.E. Delhi and follows the rule and regulations prescribed by the C.B.S.E. Board. The school is run purely on secular lines. It aims at imparting sound academic pedagogic, ethical and education based on the tenets of humanity, with the aim to foster the ideals of a cosmopolitan outlook and universal brotherhood.

The school is working with C.B.S.E. guidelines with the revolutionary changes in the present education system launched by H.R.D. Minister. The school works on the theory ‘learning by doing’.

The school has been named after the name ‘Sukhmani’ from ‘Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji’ that means ‘Sukho Ki Mani’. The name of school signifies that any child studying in school acquires so many qualities that lead him/her to live a life full of sukh or pleasure.

Sahara SSIS

Sri Sukhmani International School is committed to provide education enriched with values and ethics. This is accomplished in a safe and supportive atmosphere that foster academic achievements and generates growth in maturity behavior character and service before self. The atmosphere of the school is like home for young children that provides time for imaginative play games, art and craft home work, exercise, sports etc.

Our forte is child centered learning based curriculum, state of the art lab for better understanding to enable individualized learning, vibrant and spacious class-rooms to aid learning oral drills and discussions in teaching technology and methodology.

        From the Principal’s Desk

         Greetings to all!

As we look forward to another wonderful year ahead of us, let me take this opportunity to thank all our parents for having confidence in us. Sri Sukhmani International School of Excellence is a temple of learning committed to providing quality education. Keeping the changing timings in mind, developing effective communication skills and self-confidence have become an integral part of our teaching methodologies. Our focus as providers of education tilts away from the meaningless cramming of factual knowledge towards grooming our children. At SSIS, there is keen interest amongst all of us to see that the atmosphere at school is child centric so that conceptual learning takes place enabling our children to think out of the box.

With great sense of pride and conviction, I assure that our school is all about providing education for its children that is a complete and wholesome experience. I truly attribute this to the study support our management, our highly qualified and motivated team of teachers and a dynamic staff.

Sahara SSIS

Let us be reminded of Swami Vivekananda’s quote. “We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded, and by which one can stand on ones own feet”. And this is what Sukhmanians aims for!

With this assurance, on behalf of entire team of Sri Sukhmani International School let me extend the very best wishes to all our children and parents for the year ahead.

Ms. Poonam Sharma

( 9815553569 )