Extra-curricular activities like Dance, Drama, Debates, Declamations, Quiz, Recitations, Parade, Educational trips and Excursions are also incorporated in the calendar and are conducted under the supervision of teachers.

The activities also improve the co-ordination of the body and mind and are very important for building a sound physique, an upright and correct posture and for smart deportment, turn out and discipline.

Inter-House competitions are regularly held in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. These competitions give the children ample opportunity to display their skills and are conducted through activities such as House shows (cultural programmes), poem recitations, story telling, debates, declamations, quiz, rangoli, dancing, group singing, Mass PT, Turn a Coat etc. Pupils are regularly sent to participate in Inter-school competitions as well.

The school has an auditorium where the children get an opportunity to go onto the stage and perform in various activities so that they may effectively learn the art of public speaking and get rid of ‘stage-fear’. Educational Trips, treks and tours are organized every year to give the children an opportunity to get some educational and recreational exposure.

The importance of these outdoor and adventure activities cannot be undermined as they offer the children experiences to face the hardships and challenges of life and would also inculcate in them a spirit of adventure and love for wildlife and nature.

Trips also provide a splendid opportunity for the teachers to get to know their children much better, through greater and personal interaction and to understand the other facets of their personalities, which are difficult to observe in the classroom.

Likewise, children also learn to communicate with each other and their teachers on a more informal level.