Principal’s Desk


“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically intelligence plus character that is the goal to true education.”

Meaning of Education is very rightly quoted by Martin duther. We at Sri Sukhmani International School aim at nurturing our students into empathetic, lifelong learners for global leadership in collaboration with the community. Education is that foundation ever, on which the edifice of one’s individuality is constructed, and a school is a temple of knowledge. We, at Sri Sukhmani International School strive to transform pupils into highly disciplined, optimistic, productive, good methodologist, knowledgeable and self analyst as well as self manager so that they can fight out the life battle in the best possible way.

Education is not mere bookish knowledge but a treasure of high and valuable virtues which help build a strong character of the students. Providing all facilities it quenches the thirst of knowledge and information of our new generation. SSIS offers and amalgamated International Education coretating to the National curriculum.

I believe in the quote that, “School is a temple and teachers is a god.”

God creates us but teachers makes us Man, as education on unveils the truth of life and make Sukhmanians proud and responsible citizens of our Nation. The practical knowledge commonly called ‘know-row’ is the essential step between knowing something and truly mastering it. So, Smart chasses will equipped with multimedia are provided to support and stimulate innate curiosity. We make them conscientious professionals. 

It is a matter of pride that our faculty is well versed with the now and latest grading system of continuous and comprehensive evaluation introduced by the CBSE and making ample efforts for its effective implementation, so as to enable the Sukhmanians to weather every storm in life.

Children always have a burning desire to gain knowledge. Life without aim, is like a directionless ship in the ocean and we at SSIS provide a particular aim to the student.

We encourage the student to reach his/ her highest academic potential to become life ling learning lifelong learner and a responsible.

Citizen, reading to face the challenges of life in future with a particular aim. SSIS is well  reputed Senior Secondary School, affiliated to CBE Delhi aims to recognize the uniqueness of each individual and focusing o high academic standards measured against the unique potential each student. We are committed to provide positive and challenging opportunities. High expectations, academics excellence, parent and community involvement and a safe learning environment provide students with the means to grow socially, emotionally, and academically as the path to becoming lifelong learners.